Solid Waste Optimization Life-cycle Framework

SwolfPy is a free open-source solid waste management (SWM) life-cycle assessment (LCA) optimization framework with built-in parametric and Monte Carlo sensitivity and uncertainty analysis capabilities. SwolfPy simulates the emissions, energy, and material use associated with the processes throughout the life-cycle of municipal solid waste (MSW) management from collection to final disposal or energy/material recovery, and it includes default models for common SWM processes.

SwolfPy GUI

Plot Solid Waste Management Network

Users can create custom solid waste management (SWM) treatment networks by allocating the waste flows to different processes. SwolfPy plots the created SWM treatment network using Graphviz.

Plot Mass Flow Sankey Diagrams

The mass flow Sankey diagrams will help the users to understand the waste flows in the treatment network. The Sankey diagrams are interactive figures and created by Plotly package.

Built-in Monte Carlo Simulation

SwolfPy’s Monte Carlo simulation capability allows users to check the robustness of the results and identify the potential range of environmental performance and also the most critical uncertain inputs .

Built-in Optimization

SwolfPy’s optimization capability allows users to systematically explore SWM strategies that minimize cost or environmental impacts while meeting specified technical constraints and policy targets (e.g., landfill diversion).